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About US

The mission of We Were Fiction is to serve and promote Christ through music.
"We lived outside of the Truth until our encounter with our Savior."

We believe that our talents that God has given us are to be used in a way that solely lifts up our Savior, Jesus Christ to a lost and dying generation. We Were Fiction is a group of close friends who all feel called to the mission field through leading worship. We Were Fiction was a painting created by artist and friend Chris Cochran, through the realization of our hearts and minds becoming a new creation by confession of our sins. We feel it perfectly describes the transformation we undergo when committing our lives to Christ. Before our acceptance of the Son of God, we were what Paul called, “rubbish”. We lived a life outside of the Truth until our encounter with our Savior.


The Band

We Were Fiction formed in 2009 on the campus of Oklahoma Baptist University
David Raney
Bass Guitar
David is the College & Media Arts Pastor at Waterloo Road Baptist Church.
Mikey Power
Drums & Triggering
Mikey is currently pursuing a graduate degree from Beeson Divinity School. He is also an expert on anything pertaining to or related to coffee.
Austin Cannon
Keys, Synth & Guitar
Austin is somewhat of a musical genius and is on a constant pursuit to find the next great sound.


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"We are the Bride, the Church, You are the HOPE OF EARTH"